About the Book

Within an hour of her birth, a cardiologist diagnosed Jack Murtha's firstborn child with a severe form of the heart defect known as Ebstein's Anomaly. Without immediate surgical intervention, doctors expected Katie to live no more than a week. The surgical course included three open-heart surgeries over two years. Even if wildly successful, Katie would require a heart transplant as a young adult. Despite the best efforts of family and caregivers, she lived just ten months.

In this gripping and unforgettable story of love and loss, Jack chronicles Katie's life through his eyes. He candidly describes the gut-wrenching stress of parenting a critically ill child, the monotony of an existence confined to a pediatric hospital room, the exquisite happiness Katie's miraculous recoveries inspired, and the sublime periods of normalcy. Katie's story is ultimately a celebration of life in the most dire of circumstances. Katie inspired all who knew her to appreciate the limited time we have with our loved ones. They are her messengers. Jack hopes that, after meeting Katie, you become a messenger, too.



"Jack mixes wit and

realism to weave the compelling tale of his daughter's short life and the many hearts she warmed during her brief time on earth. From first page to last, it is well-written, hones, and tender. Reading it, one can feel the poignant catharsis its author must have experienced writing it, and the pain and angst he and his family felt during and after a particularly difficult year. However, this is as much or more the story of a father's conscious, a family's struggle, and the medical community's dedication and limitations than it is a tale of illness or woe or death. Its intent is inspiration; its message is hope."

"The message of this book

was gratitude for the blessings in my life and understanding of how lucky we all are (and a newfound appreciation for the Beach Boys). This is a great read and well worth your time and emotional investment."

"It is rare the book

that can make you feel engaged and like you are sitting beside the author, having them tell you teir story. A book that could tip to too medical or too emotional somehow skates perfetly through the middle, managing to feel like your long lost friend came oer for tea and is telling you this amazing story."